Why visit the ORTHODOXIA exhibition

You will find
all the new creations

And new collections of religious items, items that cover the personal needs of Priests, Monks, Nuns as well as the needs of the Holy Church and the Holy Monastery.

You will find
special offers

Creators and Manufacturers will present collections in special prices for the exhibition only. A special offer to visitors for new or existing partnerships.

Creators and their Works
exclusively here

Remarkable artists who maintain workshops and create exclusively will present their works only in ORTHODOXIA exhibition.

From Greece
and the whole world

The exhibitors in ORTHODOXIA are artists, constructors and importers from all over Greece, Cyprus but also from other Orthodox countries, such as Serbia, Romania etc. By your visit you have the opportunity to find them all gathered at the same place.

Art Exhibition

Hagiographers, painters, sculptors, enamel craftsmen present their new creations. The opportunity to admire another dimension of religious art will be a unique experience for you.