The exhibition ORTHODOXIA is the point of reference in religious events and contributes substantially so that the events and the sacraments of our Church acquire the value and splendor imposed by our Orthodox tradition.

Recognized artists and creators of religious art, makers of religious items, Holy Metropolises and Holy Monasteries who present their handicrafts participate in this important event, while in a special area hagiographers and mosaicists present their works.

εκθεση ορθοδοξια, Orthodoxia exhibition

The Priests of all levels of the Church, Monks and Nuns, commissioners and representatives of the Churches will find all the necessary for the operation of the Holy Churches and the Holy Monasteries as well as for their personal needs.

The Ecclesiastical shops and monasteries will find a wide variety of liturgical items, memorabilia and worship items by exclusive suppliers who present their new collection.

The believers will have the opportunity to admire the new creations of remarkable artists of Byzantine and Russian art and tradition and to be informed about the pilgrimage tours and the Holy places and monuments of the Orthodox faith they can visit.

The upcoming ORTHODOXIA will present new remarkable participations and has aroused the interest of its visitors, both from Greece and all over the world, constituting the religious and cultural event of the year and invites you to visit it!